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What I have learned while travelling solo over the last year

Enrique Mendez


So I thought I'd share here with you all a few things that I have learnt while travelling solo and just generally spending time alone.

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I'm the type of person who has very much learnt to enjoy my own company; having lived on my own for a number of years, I had time to reflect and think about past decisions that I have made, the type of direction I want my life to go in, my values, my non-negotiables, and different things I can do to be a good person.

This has led me to travel solo on a few business trips that last 3/4 weeks at a time. So, I've put together some walking thoughts that I have had, as well as things I have noticed about myself:

As someone who loves travelling and connecting with friends, I'm excited to see where this journey takes me and the new adventures that come my way.

See this blog as inspiration for you to travel, explore, connect and find who you are while enjoying the world around you.

That's all for now, but try to be optimistic about what the future holds.

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