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A little bit about Palfly

About Us

Hello there,

Enrique and Javier here.

We’d like to tell you a story about how two work friends decided to take the plunge and try to edge our way into an industry that is dominated by a few key players. Palfly was born out of frustration when Javier, who lives in Glasgow, found it challenging to organise vacations with family in Spain and Germany.

He then came up with a brilliant idea that would make – not only his life easier but the lives of many other people with friends and family all over the world. It just so happens that we also shared a passion for meaningful connections and travel. So we created a multiple departure holiday search engine that makes booking group holidays affordable and straightforward.

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How Palfly Works

We take the locations of the people you wish to meet up with, eradicating the long process of researching flights from many destinations, and within seconds, provide you with a list of the most convenient places to meet for that memorable trip. It’s that simple!

What Else?

At Palfly, we believe that integrity, trust, accountability, and a commitment to customers are at the core for giving the best customer experience. Along with delivering the best customer service possible, we believe that these core values will play a paramount role in shaping and leading the company towards a sustainable and successful future.

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Our Mission

To make booking and planning the perfect group holiday easy. You’ll have a more enjoyable trip, and save money too.

With Love

Javier Lucia Palfly Co-Founder

Javier Lucia

Palfly Co-Founder

Enrique Méndez Palfly Co-Founder

Enrique Méndez

Palfly Co-Founder

canal scene in europe

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